Healthy GP/HW Coalition

The Family Center is proud to lead the Healthy Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods Coalition.


To prevent substance misuse and promote mental health through action, education, and collaboration.


“No Vape November…or EVER”


“No Vape November…or EVER” is a campaign to remind us of the dangers of teen vaping.

More than 80% of 10-18 year olds say their parents are the biggest influence in their decision whether or not to use alcohol or other drugs.
Talk to your teens about the dangers of vaping (click on the flyer to download)

Dangers of Vaping


To learn more about the dangers of vaping, click here to watch an informative
video with Dr. Varun Vohra and Marlene O. Joshi.


• Dr. Varun Vohra, Academic Director and Clinical Toxicologist, Michigan Poison & Drug Information Center
at Wayne State University presents on the dangers of vaping.

• Marlene O. Joshi, MA, LPC, CAACD, Adolescent Addiction Recovery Center, discusses the Center’s
resources for teens struggling with addiction.

The Coalition Advisory Board includes representation from 12 sectors of our community: youth, parents, businesses, the media, schools, youth-serving organizations, law enforcement, religious and fraternal organizations, civic and volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, and state and local agencies.
Our monthly meetings serve as working sessions focused on understanding substance misuse, reducing harm, promoting prevention, and improving mental well-being in our communities.

More Information

Thank you to the following council members
for their vital work toward this important cause:

Stu Alderman

Neighborhood Club

Suzy Berschback

Corewell Health

Dean Dauphinais

Families Against Narcotics

Sierra Donaven

The Family Center Board Member and Grosse Pointe Farms City Council Member

Rebecca Fannon

Grosse Pointe Public School System

Denise Kolakowski

Michigan Poison Control

Anne Nearhood


Lisa Rector

Sanford Behavioral Health

For more information please call MaryJo Harris, Director of Programs & Administration and Coalition Chair at (313) 447-1374.

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